Embed Your Community Signup Form


Replace <your-community-slug> with the slug for your community. You can figure this out from your join form page. If your join form is https://example.commsor.com, then your community slug is "example" (without quotes).

<code><iframe src="https://<your-community-slug>.commsor.com/embed/"<br>        		class="commsor-embed"<br>         width="100%" height="512px"<br>         style="border:none;background:white;"<br>         frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe><br><script src="https://<your-community-slug>.commsor.com/embed/parent.js"></script><br><script>iFrameResize({}, '.commsor-embed')</script> 


We support changing the following in the above snippet

background - You may change white to any background of your choosing. Any CSS-valid background will work, for example #ff000,transparent,url("some_image.png")

height - This serves only as a default height (unless you don't use the JavaScript snippet, see below). You may customize it as required to reduce the initial jump

Without JavaScript snippet

If you don't wish to run our JavaScript on your page, that's OK too. For this case, the snippet is

<code><iframe src="https://<your-community-slug>.commsor.com/embed/"
        		<br>         class="commsor-embed"
         <br>         width="100%" height="512px"
         <br>         style="border:none;background:white;"
         <br>         frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

The height will be what's used, so you'll likely need to adjust it manually to match the size of your form. If you change the fields in your form, you'll need to adjust the height to match.

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